The Booklet Bridge

Thomas Wilcox

Possibly Thomas Wilcox (woodcut vignette)
A woodcut vignette from the title of
A Choice Drop of Honey (Glasgow, sine anno)
possibly representing Thomas Wilcox.



It is rather little that is known about Thomas Wilcox. According to some source he was born in October 1621 and died on May 17th 1687, in age of 65. From year 1665 he served as pastor in a small Baptist congregation in London. Thomas was married and there was three children in the family.

Wilcox is best known for his little booklet A Choice Drop of Honey, which became famous in England and later also in Finland. Besides Finnish, it has been translated also at least into Estonian, Deutsch, Swedish, Chinese, Kwanyama and Oshindonga and at least partly into Spanish.

Some earlier authors have mixed Thomas Wilcox with another Thomas Wilcox (1549-1608), a puritan theologian, who has written many books and life of whom there is more historical information about.