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The Booklet Bridge is a collection of good Christian booklets on the Internet. Currently there are works e.g. in the following languages: Finnish, English, Swedish, Estonian and Portuguese.

The published works are mainly shorter "screen-sized" writings, speech recordings and voice books; longer works are avoided at least at the beginning of the project.

The word "Christian" is used to refer to the view of faith that is in accord with the message of the Bible and meaningful to the authors of the project, and whose nature and content may be understood best by the works chosen for The Booklet Bridge.

The word "good" is used to refer to material, that has abilities to serve one's construction in Christian faith. The works deal with the most relevant matters of the Christian faith, or their message is otherwise beneficial for the reader. The base of the collection consists of "pearls" - older works that have already become classics and newer works that are considered to become ones.

When a work published at The Booklet Bridge is copyrighted material, the permission to publish has been obtained from the copyright holders. The authors owe timeless gratitude to those given permissions!

The authors of The Booklet Bridge hope that persons needing this kind of service could be familiar with it and access it. A link in a user's web page pointing to The Booklet Bridge might best serve this purpose.

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