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Charles Henry Mackintosh




Charles Henry Mackintosh was born in Ireland in October 1820. He was converted to Christian faith at the age of eighteen. As a young man he was interested in educational work, and opened a private school at the age of twenty-four. In 1853 Mackintosh gave up his school and concentrated on the written and oral ministry of the Gospel in his home country, e.g. participating actively in the revivals of Ireland in 1859-60.

For twenty-one years Mackintosh edited a periodical called Things New and Old, in which many of his writings were published. As a result of his activity, many writings appeared, that were known of his initials "C.H.M". The first tract by Mackintosh in 1843 was named The Peace of God. The last article he wrote in 1896, just a few months before he entered into rest, was named The God of Peace.

Mackintosh is best known for his famous commentary on the Pentateuch, Notes on the Pentateuch, born out of his expository notes on the five books of Moses. The work was originally published in six volumes in 1880-1882, beginning with a volume on Genesis, and concluding with two volumes on Deuteronomy.

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